Marvelous Liars

About the Band

Marvelous Liars is a power-trio from New London, CT. Members include guitarist/singer Nicholas Johns, drummer Shane O'Connell, and bassist Nick Cancelmo.

In just two years they've hit the regional circuit hard, playing NYC, Boston and many Connecticut venues including New London's I Am Fest. This past March they released their debut full-length album, “Another Castaway”, with high praise from both fans and critics alike. R. Koster of The New London Day wrote, “Clustered with power chords, and stand-on-the-dance-floor-and-scream-along choruses, the tunes comprise a brisk blast of timeless rock”.

The band bleeds rock and roll, but blues and punk are tastefully blended into the equation. Marvelous Liars influences include Weezer, Queens of the Stone Age, The Beatles and more. In addition to touring, the band is set to return to the studio this Fall to begin work on their sophomore album.